30 Songs in 30 Days: #3 – “Here it Goes”(Jimmy Eat World)

Day 3: A song that makes you happy

Jimmy Eat World is one of those bands that can be unexpectedly unpredictable. Despite their music having a consistently identifiable feel, their songs can swing from sweetly inspirational (“The Middle”) to utterly despondent (“Drugs or Me”), from folksy and pensive (“The Heart is Hard to Find”) to just plain creepy (“Gotta Be Somebody’s Blues”). Often they mix seemingly upbeat pop-rock instrumentals with thought-provoking or poignant lyrics in wonderfully complex compositions. But one song is, to me, just straight-up smile-inducing—“Here it Goes” from Chase This Light.

Unlike many other songs to come on my 30-in-30 list, I don’t associate “Here it Goes” with any particular person, event, or stage in my life. It’s simply a song I can play that immediately lifts my spirits. To me, the lyrics are about cutting loose and being yourself without a care for what others may think. Set that message to slick, foot-tapping rock with a bouncy bass line and jangling guitars, and I can’t help but picture a slightly dorky teen in his bedroom, rocking out to a song he loves without worrying whether it, or he, is “cool” (perhaps a touch meta, as well as autobiographical?). I dare you to listen to this song and not crack a smile or three.

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