30 songs in 30 days: #7 – “Love Injected” (Aminata)

Day 7: A song that reminds you of a certain event

Today’s entry comes all the way from Latvia, compliments of the Eurovision Song Contest, or ESC. “What the heck is that?” you say? Buckle in, readers, you’re in for a treat.

Eurovision was born as one means of healing Europe’s fracturing during World War 2, a celebration of commonalities and a love for music and art. It has since morphed into an intercontinental spectacle showcasing some of the most ambitious (and wackiest) musical talents Europe has to offer, amid complaints of neighbor-country bloc-voting and constant attempts to revamp the popular and jury-based voting process. Every participating country holds its own national contests to decide on a representative to send to the international stage. Then, over a span of two semi-finals and a final competition hosted by the country that won the year before, a new Eurovision champion is selected. Along the way, the United Kingdom almost always places miserably, France almost always refuses to field an English-language entry, and some country blatantly tests the rule that entries are not allowed to have political agendas. It’s an over-the-top, kitschy indulgence that SO and I look forward to every year.

We’ve been watching ESC together since 2009, and it’s added some quality tunes to my music library. But today’s song, Latvia’s entry in Eurovision 2015, is special for a couple reasons. First, it’s pretty much a straight-up R&B song, which I don’t typically go for. But it struck a chord somewhere in me, made me sit up and take notice, especially when the artist, Aminata, belted out the chorus for the first time. Second, it actually inspired a scene that I subsequently wrote into a book I’m working on. The euphoric refrain, which begins with the line, “Your love revives my soul,” felt uniquely appropriate as the backdrop to a bittersweet reunion of two estranged lovers. I realize that perhaps I’m cheating; this “event” isn’t a real-life one. But it’s real in the lives of those two characters, and I’ll always picture that scene whenever I hear the song. If my book is ever made into a movie (here’s to wishful thinking!), I’ll want “Love Injected” as the soundtrack for that reunion scene.

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