30 songs in 30 days: #9: A Love for All Seasons (Right Said Fred)

Day 9: Your favorite dance song

I’ll admit, I changed the category of today’s entry slightly from its original wording. It was “A song you can dance to,” but no one wants to see me dance, not even me. Instead, I thought I’d highlight a related genre that is underrepresented in my music library, as well as a group who I feel is underappreciated, at least in the States. I’m sure most of you know “I’m Too Sexy” by those British brothers, Right Said Fred. (If you don’t, please check it out. It’s simply fabulous.) But you might not know that the album “I’m Too Sexy” came from, 1992’s Up, is chock full of great tracks. Case in point—the opener, “A Love for All Seasons,” a ‘90s dance tune with serious ‘70s disco leanings. From the first piano-vocals pronouncement to the thumping rhythm, from the wistful strings to the lively horns, this song was made for dancing. And if dance beats aren’t your thing, check out the sultry stomp of “Do Ya Feel,” the New-Ageish pondering of “Is it True About Love,” or the moonlit stroll of two lovers depicted in “Those Simple Things.” You won’t be disappointed.

(Bonus personal anecdote: somehow, this album became a family favorite for long car rides, especially during the summer. Whether heading off on week-long vacations or taking day trips, Right Said Fred serenaded us as we made our way to the Jersey shore. And as “A Love for All Seasons” is the first song on the album, it will always bring to mind the childhood excitement of getting on the road and the anticipation of long summer days at the beach.)

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