About Me – Fiction

Hi! I’m Chris, and I write. I’m writing right now. But that’s not what I meant.

Words have been spilling out of me for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest impressions of this fact is sitting in front of a typewriter, pre-elementary school, and pecking out single-page stories. (Yes, boys and girls, a manual, non-electric typewriter with visible ink ribbons, carriage returns, and oh-so-satisfying clack-clack-dings. I recommend securing access to one, if just for the experience of trying it out.) The content of these sagas has been lost to the dusty winds of time, but they were an early sign that somewhere inside me was the tiny heart of a budding wordsmith. I yearned to create, using words as my medium.

As I grew, so did the lengths of my creations, as well as the sophistication of the technology I used. Graduating to GeoWrite on a Commodore 64, ten-year-old me pounded out a 15-page fantasy story about a young man venturing into a magical alternate world to save the woman he loved, fighting through an evil king’s army alongside her father to get to her. (Not the most progressive concept, I know, but come on, I was 10.) GeoWrite also hosted my written adaptation of a fantasy video game I used to play on that Commodore (Keys to Maramon, anyone?), and adventures of knights and wizards based on Lego sets I played with (huuuuuuuuge Lego collector here). Then, while in middle school, my father started bringing home his work laptop from the office, and he would let me use it from time to time to write stories. And that’s when things got serious.

Around the same time, I became a big fan of the X-Men, via a schoolyard fad of collecting and swapping Marvel Universe trading cards. Out of all the various characters and superpowers and teams, I gravitated to the X-Men, probably because of my concomitant budding interest in biology. (Cosmic rays? Radioactive arachnid bites? No thanks – the X-Men were born this way, it’s in their genes, deal with it.) So good ol’ Windows 3.1, I think, on what must have been a ten-pound black and white brick of a laptop, saw the advent of my most ambitious project at the time: an X-Men fan-fiction series. The dramatis personae were a collection of original characters based on my friends and classmates in school, though I did borrow a few characters and concepts from the comics (the first book, for instance, features Professor Xavier, the X-Mansion, and the Phoenix Force). A few friends read some of it, but largely those stories were for me, a world to delve into imagination-first while my writing matured.

And, minus a few twists and turns, that brings us to today. I’m currently working on a time-travel based sci-fi trilogy with a heavy historical bent, as well as a few side projects. Feel free to spread the word, if you’re so inclined, whether you find my rambling interesting and want to share, or don’t care for it yourself but know some people who would!