About Me

I’ve been writing stories since I could push the keys of a typewriter to make words. Those words have taken many forms over the years: short stories and video game adaptations on an old Commodore 64, volumes of fan fiction during high school and college, numerous biological research articles and a thesis in grad school.

Recently I’ve decided to pursue publication of my original fiction. While I query literary agents with what I hope will be my debut novel, you can read my recent short stories and side projects (Ties That BindSpliceTrail’s End, and The Masks We Wear here at my blog!

When not writing, you can usually find me sciencing, reading SFF or world history, watching tennis, eating chocolate, drinking wine, listening to hard rock/heavy metal, or playing CRPGs.

Hungry for more about me and my writing? Learn more about my fiction-writing, my fact-writing, and my biggest artistic influences.