Flash Fiction

pen on paper

A collection of (very) short stories I’ve written, each roughly 1,000-2,000 words.

For Todd    Is patience still a virtue when the payoff is vengeance?

Autumn’s Embrace    Sometimes we can’t keep things buried. Other times we should.

Splice    What defines humanity? Chromosomes & genes, or something more?

The Beginning of the End    “She’s not some specimen for your doctors to poke and prod and cut up at their whim!”

The Gallows Girls    “Some were mysteriously murdered… no evidence of a culprit. Others were butchered in broad daylight.”

The Harvest  Humanity’s greatest achievements will be its ultimate downfall.

A Chill in the Air   “You knew the anguish I would endure, and yet you granted me my wish?”

Payback for Fay   “I pour a few fingers of the bottom-shelf bilge and take a healthy glug, feeling red hot needles stab my gullet all the way down. That’s the kind of day it’s been.”

The Breaking Point   How far would you go to win your child’s love?

The Magic Touch   Insomnia sucks.

The Beast   A dead body in a deserted cabin is just the beginning of Jake and Pete’s woes.

Unwanted Guests   “I’m your worst nightmare if you don’t start telling me about the ‘project for the feds’.”

The Writing on the Wall   “Garcia pushed the gas pedal harder, hearing the engine growl as her cruiser surged forward. This could be the break they needed to crack a case that had been dogging them for months.”

Bang   “What had he done? How could he have thought this was a good idea? What if this changed him, turned him into someone he never wanted to be?”